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fragrances that are only 100% essential oil

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Fragrance Collections

Fragrance Collections

A perfected line of original fragrance designs using only 100% essential oil.


Ancient Cedar

Enduring and evocative Ancient Cedar. The essential oils of cypress, patchouli, orange and lemon are mixed with the rich, woodsy perfume aroma of cedar.

Handmade cedar essential oil candle by Cellar Door Candles - non-toxic, healthy, and safe

Breathe Easy

experience the calming and energizing effects of our unique 100% essential oil combination, which includes lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree. 

Organic Oregon Lavender

100% pure Organic Oregon Lavender. As good as it gets..


Pacific Northwest

Experience the natural and refreshing aroma of pure Fir Needle, Spruce, and Cedar essential oils with our 100% essential oil candle. Reminiscent of hiking a trail in the middle of the forest.

Palmarosa and Sage

  Smooth subtle floral citrusy perfume notes of Palmarosa blended with deep cleansing hints of sage.
Cellar Door Candles Signature Spring Scent of Palmarosa and Sage.

Rosewood & Bergamot

rosewood has a soft amber sweetness. bergamot is a very attractive oil slightly replicating citrus perfume. they harmoniously blend together creating a beautiful and original fragrance design.


Sandalwood & Vetiver

Seductive and focused. A connection of unique smooth and delicate oils, including Sandalwood, Balsam Fir, Spanish Cypress and Vetiver. A perfect Fall and Winter blend.


Tokyo Citrus

Made with a blend of pure blood orange and yuzu essential oils, the combination creates a refreshing and uplifting aroma that is perfect for any setting.

Tokyo Citrus 2 Wick Essential Oil Candle: The Best, Non-Toxic, Health Conscience, Healthy Candle, Clean Burning Candle, Made in the USA, Cellar Door Candles