Cellar Door Candles is a rare style candle company located in Huntington Beach, California. Rare from the way the first candle was sold, Rare in our knowledge of candles and fragrance design, rare in the quality ingredients used, rare in the way our product performs and rare with the candle subscriptions that we offer.

With 8 years in the industry, owner and founder Jamie Lara has a candle making and perfuming background, his fragrance designs have been in large and small retail stores all over the world. 

When a opportunity came up for a career change in the fall of 2013 it was a offer he could not refuse. Within a couple months the itch soon came back to start creating fragrance designs again, but to do it his own way using very high quality essential oils for all the fragrance designs. Within 3 months of getting the itch Cellar Door Candles was born on January 1st 2014.

The first Sunday in January 2014, Jamie put the fragrances designs and his idea to the test by going door to door to homes in his neighborhood in Fullerton California. With shaky hands and sweat on his forehead, he made the first sale within 20 minutes! The first day of selling door to door was a total success, and door to door sales continued every weekend for four months going all over orange county.

The experience of going door to door selling candles was a giant eye opener. An eye opener from questions that were asked by customers, and customers concerns with candles. He always asked to see examples of other candles that people burn in their house. By seeing so many different types of candles and the mostly questionable quality, the goal was clear of what exactly needed to be created.

Once the wax design was complete and a small line of fragrance designs were complete, the decision to approach small boutiques in April of 2014 came to fruition, and within six months Cellar Door Candles was in over 50 stores around Orange County and Los Angeles.  

 In 2015 Cellar Door Candles continued to expand in wholesale and also expanded in pop up retail at markets around Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

With all the one on one interactions Cellar Door Candles had with individuals in 2014 and 2015 looking for quality product at a honest price and being so happy when they actually found something that lived up to the promise of quality, an idea derived to create a subscription. Giving individuals the opportunity to get a monthly or every two months box of items at a consistently discounted cost. 

Each subscription allows Cellar Door Candles even deeper creative freedom, and constantly pushing the business to create new and unique fragrance designs for every shipment and to stay ahead of the trends.

Cellar Door Candles truly cares about each individual. The most prominent thought when creating a batch of items, is to make sure it is perfect for the person who will be enjoying it.  

To learn more about what ingredients are used for each item please visit any of the product pages

To learn more about the Subscriptions we offer, please visit the subscription page.