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We try our best to be a honest company that cares about what is brought into our home and into our bodies. We do not use plastic for our shipping material, only recycled paper and re-used cardboard. The Wax we use is sustainable coconut wax and beeswax. Our essential oils all come from a lavender farm close to our warehouse. All of our packaging, including the glass for our candles comes from the U.S.

Inspired by creating something like no one else is creating in this industry. We focus on the highest quality single ingredients and meticulously blend and hand making each item. We want to promise, and guarantee quality from the Cellar Door Candles brand. This promise and guarantee is something we have worked hard for. 

Started in 2013 from a mass of inspiration derived from our a newborn son, husband and wife team Jamie & Riho Lara created Cellar Door Candles.We started by going door to door and knocking on peoples houses and apartments in our neighborhood, then branched out to going door to door all over Southern California. By the second year We were individually clocking in over 100hrs a week and had by that time started doing large retail shows and farmers markets. In 2018 we re-located to WA state and have a new burst of inspiration and dedication to a non-toxic and clean lifestyle.

In 2018 we re-located to Washington state and have a new burst of inspiration and dedication to a non-toxic and clean lifestyle. With our recent relocation and resettling, we now have more focus then we have ever had to create using only natural ingredients. We hope to have the opportunity to be a part of your life by adding something special to it.