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Our Brand

If you have been looking for the perfect, affordable extra high end non toxic candles, your search is finally over!

We created the modern candle refill. It took 4 years from the idea of a candle refill in 2016 to our final design in 2020. Since we released this product and idea it has been copied throughout the industry and the world over. Enjoy the original makers and the best ones available on the market today.

We are 100% dedicated to creating the cleanest burning and freshest smelling candles that do not have any negative side effects. We use only single ingredient pure essential oils, coconut and beeswax.

Established in 2013, All of our fragrances are designed in house using only essential oils and nothing else. This is what we use for the fragrance in all of our items.  

Lead fragrance designer and owner Jamie, was the lead candle maker for one of the largest luxury candle companies in the world before starting Cellar Door Candles. After years of being sick when working at the luxury candle company with constant allergies, unknowing it was the fake fragrance and paraffin causing these effects the entire time when working there. Jamie realized there was no one making scented candles that do not make you feel sick. 

Taking a step away from the norm and offering something unavailable at the time, our first fragrance designs were pure essential oils and we consider ourselves the first modern candle company that uses only essential oils for fragrance and no paraffin or petroleum bi products. Essential oils and natural waxes are extremely difficult to work with. But doing the right thing is not always easy!

However, with Jamie’s previous background in candle making it was attainable and possible. It was a massive leap forward and a break away from the low industry standards.

Integrity, honesty and nothing misleading to our customers keeps us moving forward and true to what we believe in, which is creating a perfect candle, Reed diffuser, essential oil blend and car freshener for your space.

We do not copy other brands. This keeps us 100% original and ahead of the trends. From our wax blend which was the first Coconut and Beeswax blend on the market to our candle refills, to using only essential oils to creating a candle subscription in 2015 (also the first in the industry). We are the leading candle/ fragrance design brand making real natural candles and fragrances that unavailable anywhere else.

the fragrance industry is 100% unregulated (even organic branding) we have taken it upon ourselves from the very first day to regulate ourselves and give you the respect you deserve. By not exaggerating or faking that we are a all natural company, because we truly are making 100% all natural candles and fragrances. 

Supporting this brand is supporting a  small family business in Washington State.