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Our Brand

We are 100% dedicated to creating the cleanest burning and freshest smelling candles. From using only single ingredients like pure essential oils, coconut and beeswax, to picking the cardboard and paper out of our swept trash piles, we live and breathe sustainable future and reflect that in all of our items. Our most expensive machine here is used to recycle carboard into packaging material.

Established in 2012 our first sale was made by knocking on apartments in our neighborhood and selling door to door. From there it was walking into stores unannounced then farmers markets, wholesale shows and now direct to consumer forward mindset, allowing us to keep our prices much lower than one may expect from the highest quality possible. 

Integrity, honesty and nothing misleading keeps us moving forward and true to what we believe in, which is creating a perfect item.

Supporting this brand is supporting a micro sized family business that hand makes every item with as many local sourced materials and ingredients as possible.