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Two 2 Wick Glass Candle Refills Monthly Subscription

Use Code "50%OFFSIGNUP" to get 50% off your first subscription shipment!

You will be prompted to customize your first shipment after checkout.

You have the option to get the full size candle to use for your future refill shipments at no extra charge on the customize your shipment page.

Always free shipping on the subscriptions.

30+ hours of burn time

Only essential Oils for the Fragrance.

Only Pure Beeswax & Coconut for the candle wax.

Pure cotton wick dipped in beeswax.

Comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

This subscription is for 2 - 2 wick refills to be shipped once a month. 

Emails before each shipment with a link to customize your fragrances.

Your first shipment will go out right away. Your next shipment will be charged on the first of the upcoming month and you will receive your second shipment before the middle of the month. If for your next (2nd) shipment for the upcoming month is too early , you can reply to this order confirmation email and let us know to hold off on your next (2nd) shipment until the subsequent month.

The candle refills are only the wax to refill a previously used Cellar Door Candles glass container. Basically two of our 2 wick glass candles without the glass and lid.

When you finish with your previous candle, just clean the glass out and drop the candle refill in.