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Carpathian Spruce and Cedar Leaf 2 wick glass candle

Experience the pure essence of a forest in our newest creation, "Carpathian Spruce and Cedar Leaf." This extraordinary fragrance is meticulously crafted using only essential oils, bringing the powerful, nostalgic scent of a Christmas tree right into your home. 

Immerse yourself in the natural charm of the season as the invigorating blend of spruce and cedar fills your space. Perfect for holiday enthusiasts, this candle encapsulates the classic, comforting aroma of the holidays. Bring the serene beauty of the forest into your home with every burn.

Designers Note

Perfectly captures intense forest aroma in the best way and is even better when it is lit.

Ingredients Used

Wax - Only Beeswax and Coconut Wax

Fragrance - Only Essential Oils and absolutes 

Wicks - Unbleached pure cotton dipped in Beeswax

Candle Specifications

Wax - Approximately 8oz

Wicks - 2

Burn Time - 30 hours average

Cleanliness When Burning - The candle will never smoke when it is lit.

Fragrance Details

Fragrance Strengths When Lit - Perfectly captures the smell of intense forest aroma in the best way and smells even better when it is lit.

 Strength of Aroma When Lit - Strong