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New Fragrance Designs


New  Fragrance Designs

(New!) Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang - Bright grapefruit blended with yellow flower creates an an exotic far east perfume aroma created using only 100% essential oils. 

(New!) Rosemary & Dill Weed - A pure fragrance that is predictable yet brings these two commonly used ingredients together in a way that highlights the subtle nuances that are so often missed.

Sandalwood & Vetiver -  Simplicity of purity creates unimaginable depth and continuously evolving transitions of masculine aura. Sexy, Seductive and Focused. A connection of unique masculine but delicate oils including Sandalwood, Balsam Fir, Spanish Cypress and Vetiver. A perfect Fall and Winter blend.

Spruce Needle & Cedar Leaf - Identical to walking in the forest or a trail and becoming immersed in the aroma of a giant spruce tree being hit by the sun. The oils of the spruce being heated and blending with the foliage and forest floor in a way that will stop you in your tracks to enjoy the heart of nature.

Oregon Lavender & White Verbena - a true full bodied design. Soft and powdery Lavender and mild Verbena blend and create something totally different than expected. Complicated, but so subtle in its transition and reaction to each other.

Rosewood & Bergamot - truly like nothing you have ever come across before. Insanely seductive and exclusive. This blend utilizes our true signature style of complexity, uniqueness, and originality. The Rosewood in this blend is similar to Sandalwood blended with a mild and subtle cream. The Bergamot used is such an attractive citrus fragrance that is almost indescribable. Bergamot has characteristics of natural citrus perfume that completes this fragrance in a way that will invoke chills of delight.