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We give you a sincere guarantee that we use 0% Synthetics which means all of the fragrances are only 100% Natural Essential Oils. That means the fragrances are extracted directly from the plant as a pure oil with nothing else added.

All of the ingredients we use are single ingredients. All of the fragrances are our original blends using only 100% Essential oil. The essential oils we use are only extracted through cold pressing  or steam distillation which is a clean natural process that does Not use chemical for the extraction process.  The wax is also an original blend created by us. Our wax blend is only cold pressed coconut and beeswax. The coconut is cold pressed, which means it has Not been chemically extracted. Most candle wax, including soy and other coconut is chemically processed using a chemical called hexane to separate fatty acids from the oil (We do not use this type of wax). The Beeswax we use is organic and comes from a local beekeeper. We actually filter and process the beeswax because it is raw with dirt and sediment from bees when we receive it. We buy all of our raw materials from a local lavender farm that is also a supplier.

All of the packaging we use including the glass for our candles is made in the USA. The wood we use comes from a local lumbar yard and we hand pick all of the wood used for the candle lids and car fresheners. The candle lids and car freshener are designed and made in house by us. If there is anything that we can make from scratch, we will.

To summarize 

No chemicals or synthetic fragrance.

0% paraffin or soy wax

100% cotton wicks dipped in beeswax

Every item is designed and handmade in house by us and all fragrances are our original designs using only essential oil. You will Not find another fragrance like Cellar Door Candles offers.