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Fragrance list

2018 Fragrance List 

Most Popular

Breathe Easy - Fresh and natural pure lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree & peppermint.

Brazilian Rosewood  - Unique and amazing bright yet woodsy blend of rosewood, peach, peppercorn & apple blossom.

Carpathian Spruce  - Pure outdoors. In the middle of a forest with the sap dripping down the trees and leafs covering the forest floor.

Lemon Verbena & Ginger - Ultra clean and pure. Deep herbaceous lemon and herb with settle sharp notes of ginger. Pure lemon verbena & ginger essential oil.

Sandalwood & Bourbon - Musky overtones of sandalwood blended with a sharp note of cedar leaf and thick undertones of creamy aged oak.

Tokyo Citrus - This fragrance is rare and perfect. Four pure essential oils are used to complete Tokyo citrus: persimmon, yuzu, blood orange & ylang ylang.


Boysenberry Parfait - Perfect spring blend of sweet berry, citrus & unique vanilla.

Eucalyptus - Unlike any other eucalyptus scent. Smells like true tree bark and fresh eucalyptus. Just pure eucalyptus essential oil.

French Lavender - Familiar, yet far elevated.. Pure lavender & a touch of tea tree.

Gardenia Grandiflora - Perfect white floral blend. Non-generic soft and powdery, semi sweet. Gardenia, freesia, rose & hyacinth.

Malana Temple - Semi sweet leafy notes of tobacco & Himalayan cedar with light notes of honey throughout. This blend is super zen.

New 2018 Fragrance Designs

Yuzu & Bergamot - The pinnacle of bright & unique citrus in this truly inspired blend.

Ebony & Oud - Unique woodsy / musky blend of ebony, oud, rosewood & a small touch of nutmeg.

Noir et Blanc - Fresh thick top notes of white gardenia rounded out with mid and base notes of sandalwood & oud. Sandalwood & oud are similar with their own unique musky notes.