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Jasmine Absolute Roll On Perfume

Surround yourself in the highly concentrated, rich, sweet, and floral aroma of real Jasmine. With its heady, strong and enveloping presence and warm, honey like undertones. The fragrance is lush, creamy, green and slightly fruity. 

Its aroma is reminiscent of warm summer nights, blooming gardens, and exotic locations. The scent of jasmine is uplifting, soothing, and mood-enhancing, capable of instilling feelings of relaxation and joy.

How to use

roll on your pulse points for about 3 seconds on each area, both wrists and both sides of neck. Then rub wrists together and then rub your wrists on your neck to the applied area. Reapply every few hours.


Jasmine Absolute Roll On Perfume

large concentrate of Jasmine absolute, slightly diluted with high quality fragrance free carrier oil.

Our Jasmine absolute roll on perfume has the tendency to become addictive... 5ml amber bottle with bamboo lid