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Vintage BYOBOX

Please Only Choose And Customize One Bundle Of Items For November

This months "Artisan's Choice" (If you do not customize your shipment) will be 

The perfect fragrance selection for the fall and holiday season comprised of our most popular classic fragrance designs.

1 - 2 wick candle Pacific Northwest

Our signature tree fragrance that is sure to evoke nostalgic memories and set the perfect holiday atmosphere. A blend of Fir Needle, Birch & Cypress, this fragrance is perfect for the month of December.

1 - 2 wick Indian Cedar (Current Artisans Choice Favorite)

Incredibly seductive fall fragrance that is almost hard to describe. Slight notes of spice blended with smooth rosewood and subtle nuances of citrus. It is the absolute perfect fall fragrance. (Artisans Note) testing this in my home recently I was blown away at how well this fragrance catches the season. I was re-energized from this fragrance design. Do not miss this opportunity to burn the perfect fragrance during November.

1 - 2 wick candle Organic Oregon Lavender

This season can be hectic no matter if it is going through this year 2020 or previous years. This Lavender candle will give you an opportunity to fully relax and help relive some of this holiday and end of the year stress. 

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