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Sandalwood & Vetiver Car Freshener

Seductive and Focused. A connection of unique smooth and delicate oils including Sandalwood, Balsam Fir, Spanish Cypress and Vetiver. A perfect Fall and Winter blend.

Fragrance Designer Notes

This is the type of fragrance a designer longs for in their repertoire. Depth, complexity, beauty and continuously evolving fragrance notes every time you go back to it. The vetiver blended with the woodsy notes will make your eyes roll back in your head with satisfaction.

Car Freshener Instructions -

Without opening the wood piece, drip approx 8-10 drops without oversaturating as often as possible over a few days. Eventually the fragrance will hold semi-permanently. Recharge the aroma with 8-10 drops as needed to keep a consistent aroma going in the car freshener.

 Strength of aroma as car freshener - 8/10