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Malana Temple Reed Diffuser - Cellar Door Candles

Malana Temple Reed Diffuser

Malana Temple Fragrance Description

Semi sweet wood notes of Tobacco and Himalayan Cedar. Light notes of Honey throughout. This design is super Zen.

Features & Uses

  • 4 oz. Apothecary Bottle filled with Malana Temple Reed Diffuser Oil and one set of New Reeds.
  • Lasts 8+ months with continuous aroma.
  • Fills a small to medium size space with a medium strength aroma. 
  • Flip the reeds once a day for continuous aroma. 
  • Original blend of Essential Oils for the fragrance design. 
  • Unparalleled fragrance integrity.
  • Our entire reed diffuser blend is all natural. No added chemicals are used to dilute the blend.
  • Aroma is clean and pure.
  • Designed and created by Cellar Door Candles. 
  • Sustainable, ecologically sound, pesticide-free manufacturing.
  • Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free.
  • Adhere to the highest quality/regulatory standards.