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Breathe Easy 3-Wick Glass Candle - Cellar Door Candles

Breathe Easy 3-Wick Glass Candle

Breathe Easy

With our "Breathe Easy" candle, you will experience the calming and energizing effects of our unique 100% essential oil combination, which includes lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, and tea tree. This candle is handcrafted in the USA by Cellar Door Candles using only the best coconut and beeswax, and it has a pure cotton wick for a healthy and environmentally friendly burn. The best non-toxic option for individuals looking for a natural and distinctive smell is our "Breathe Easy" candle. Allow the aroma of these essential oils to permeate your surroundings and aid in your relaxation.

Fragrance Designers Note:

This is a true classic from the Cellar Door collection. This is my go-to fragrance when I want to fill my home up with a stronger fragrance that will focus my senses and create a fresh atmosphere.

Ingredients Used

Wax - Only Beeswax and Coconut Wax

Fragrance - Only Essential Oils (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)

Wicks - Unbleached pure cotton dipped in Beeswax

Candle Specifications

Wax - Approximately 30oz

Wicks - 3

Burn Time - 60 hours average

Dimensions - 5" x 5" (the candle is large) 

Cleanliness When Burning - The candle will never smoke when it is lit.

Fragrance Details

Fragrance Strengths When Lit - Strong lavender and eucalyptus. The peppermint is prominent when you breathe in the fragrance. It is identical to breathing in cool air with the added benefit of opening your sinuses.

 Strength of Aroma When Lit -Medium - Strong