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2 Tin Candles Monthly Subscription - Cellar Door Candles

2 Tin Candles Monthly Subscription

Free Shipping In USA

Receive two 3.5 oz tin candles that burn for approximately 15 hours each. Charged and shipped once per month. This candle will fill a large space with the aroma when lit.

Free shipping anywhere in the USA with the "Two Tins Subscription." When you first sign up you will be charged $15 then your shipment will go out right away.

Following today's charge and shipment, your next charge will be on November 1st and that shipment will arrive around the middle of the month. The charge and shipment will continue monthly until your subscription is canceled.

The candles you receive for the tin subscription is curated (Chosen) by Cellar Door Candles.

International shipping for the two tins subscription is available with shipping rates per shipment, $20 and $25 to the rest of the world. The international shipping charge will be charged when your order ships. 

Please do not sign up for this subscription just for the one time deal. This is a recurring subscription and we do not ask you to sign any contracts, but we do ask that you please honor our request not to abuse this amazing offer.