Winter Fragrances

Winter Fragrances

Sandalwood & Bourbon - Our signature fall fragrance. Perfect for the transition from September into late October and November. Woodsy deep sandalwood, followed up by a sharp note of cedar leaf. Undertones of Semi sweet aged oak oil and permeated throughout with bright citrus of bergamot. 

Cassia - A rare deep cinnamon aroma only found when using pure essential oil. Reminiscent of wild Cinnamon Tree. Very earthy and green. 

Carpathian Spruce - Our most popular fall and winter aroma from September to January. Perfect for anyone looking for a true forest aroma. Inspired by hiking on Vancouver Island, BC. Walking through a Cedar Grove in the middle of a island forest. Stopped in my tracks by the aroma in the air and the wind brushing through the forest canopy before the rain hit. Spruce needle Essential Oil adds the sweet smell of sap. Cedar leaf Essential Oil replicates the layers of the ancient forest. This aroma is truly identical to that moment.

Brazilian Rosewood - For woodsy and sweet! Our most diverse aroma, hitting far and wide on the spectrum of aroma. Rosewood, apple blossom, peach & peppercorn. sweet notes on the first inhale quickly change into a deep blend of sweet and woodsy. Our most popular fragrance  year round.