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Fall Fragrance Recommendations

Fall Fragrance Recommendations 

Indian Cedar - Incredibly deep and full bodied blend of amazing essential oils. A fragrance design that continues to surprise and excite with every inhale. Indian Cedar and Rosewood wrapped around bright notes of Lemon and Orange falling into a continuously expanding heart of Lavender.

Cassia This fragrance does not have that sharp synthetic note you may be used to with cinnamon candles and fragrance. This is a more mid range and deeper cinnamon blend with rare deep cinnamon aroma only found when using pure essential oil. Reminiscent of wild Cinnamon Tree. Very earthy and green.

Pacific Northwest Pure outdoors. In the middle of a forest with the sap dripping down the trees, leafs covering the forest floor and the wind flowing. 

Juniper Tangerine - Amazing Juniper Tree blends seamless with sweet pure tangerine. The fragrance continuously alters from woodsy to citrus. 

Lemon Verbena & Ginger - Ultra clean and pure. Deep herbaceous lemon and herb with subtle sharp notes of ginger. Pure lemon verbena & ginger essential oil.