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Carpathian Spruce and Cedar Leaf Reed Diffuser

100% Natural Plant Oil Blend

None of the ingredients have been chemically extracted. This creates a pure long lasting fragrance unmatched in the industry.

This Reed Diffuser will last approx. 6 months of continuous aroma, flip the reeds periodically to recharge the aroma in your space.

Pure essential oils of Spruce and Cedar leaf will immerse your space in the best way. Bringing an intense full spectrum forest aroma.

Designers Note

This aroma is easy to obsess over. The notes that  come alive when the candle is diffusing is designed with purpose, and really completes the anticipation and expectations.

Fragrance Details

Fragrance Strengths  - Perfectly captures the smell of intense forest aroma in the best way and smells even better when it is diffusing.

 Strength of Aroma - Strong