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Grapefruit Rose 1oz Essential Oil

Indulge your senses with the invigorating and delicate aroma of our grapefruit rose essential oil. This enchanting scent is created using only natural essential oils, expertly blended to produce a unique and captivating fragrance.

The sweet and tangy notes of grapefruit perfectly complement the soft and romantic essence of rose. This delightful combination creates a refreshing and uplifting ambiance that is perfect for any occasion.

The rose fragrance is an original blend of natural essential oils, carefully crafted to capture the essence of this timeless and beloved flower. The result is a scent that is subtle, sophisticated and truly irresistible.

Our grapefruit rose essential oil is made using only the finest pure essential oils with no filler or fake fragrance including.

Use as cologne or perfume, add a couple drops in the bath or match it up with our car freshener. This fragrance is the perfect compliment for spring and heading into the warmer months.