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Palmarosa and Sage Essential Oil (Spring Fragrance)

1oz Essential Oil 

Comes in amber bottle with dropper fitment

 Palmarosa and Sage Fragrance Description

Cellar Door Candles new spring fragrance. Smooth subtle floral citrusy perfume notes of Palmarosa blended with deep cleansing hints of sage. The blend of these two essential oils create an original fragrance that is very rare and unique in the best way. This is the type of fragrance that fills up your space nicely and truly sets the best tone for the transition into the spring season. 

Fragrance Designers Note

Even though I have worked with Palmarosa oil several times in the past, I am just now realizing how incredibly complex and pure this single oil truly is. Blended with the perfect strain of Sage to purify your space, to me it is the ideal spring fragrance.

Fragrance Details

Fragrance Strengths - Perfumy, floral, slightly citrus, green

Strength of Aroma - Medium