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2 - 3 wick candles

3 - 2 wick candles 

$99 Charged And Shipped Once Every Two Months. Choose From These Bundles Of Items!

*Regular coupon codes may not work on this item because of the significant discount already applied.

Always Free Shipping For The Subscription Shipment!

At the bottom of this page, you can customize your first subscription shipment that will ship out right away. (if you do not customize your shipment, it will default as artisan's choice and we will curate the box with fragrances that are our favorite for this time of year.

You will receive an email to customize your shipment three days before every renewal.

There are no exchanges on fragrances for the subscription due to the deep discount and nature of the subscriptions.

Choose one of three different bundle options for your first subscription shipment. You will be able to choose from these three different bundles every time.

Your first shipment goes out right away and your next charge and shipment will be November, with a renewal November 1st and shipment arriving before the 15th. Three days before every renewal, you will receive a email with a link to take you to customize your upcoming shipment.

You will receive a renewal email three days before every charge and in that email, there is a link that will take you to the BYOBOX (build your own box) page 

You can add extra items to your shipment for this first sign up and for every renewal for an additional discount.

If you have any questions regarding the subscription, please do not hesitate to email.


Please do not sign up for this subscription just for the one-time deal. This is a recurring subscription and we do not ask you to sign any contracts, but we do ask that you please honor our request not to abuse this amazing offer.