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Tokyo Citrus 2-Wick Glass Candle - Cellar Door Candles

Tokyo Citrus 2-Wick Glass Candle

Tokyo Citrus Candle

Pure essential oils are used to complete Tokyo Citrus: Persimmon, Yuzu, Blood Orange & Ylang Ylang. Inspired by several trips to Japan. Each trip falling into a deeper obsession with Yuzu & Japanese Persimmon. This fragrance design is a product of that obsession.

Fragrance Designers Note:

I was so inspired when I created this design. This fragrance is incredibly uplifting and thought-provoking with its extreme bright citrus note that is semi-sweet. A really good fragrance to enjoy with friends or when you need some extra energy.

Ingredients Used

Wax - Only Beeswax and Coconut Wax

Fragrance - Only Essential Oils (Cold Pressed or Steam Distilled)

Wicks - Pure cotton dipped in Beeswax

Candle Specifications

Wax - Approximately 8oz

Wicks - 2

Burn Time - 30 hours average

Cleanliness When Burning - The candle will never smoke when it is lit.

Fragrance Details

Fragrance Strengths When Lit - Bright energetic citrus that is subtle enough to single out the individual ingredients. 

 Strength of Aroma When Lit - High Medium